Imprint & Inheritance

“Every woman extends backward into her mother and forward into her daughter.”

Carl Jung

Imprint and Inheritance is a story of mothers and their daughters spanning 3 generations.  This is a story of mothers who harm, and the struggle for forgiveness. 

Fiana Mahoney is a progressive young woman in 1929 Brooklyn, preparing to graduate from Teacher’s College and marry a doctor. When she begins to hear voices, her world crashes around her.  Eventually, Fiana recovers enough to marry an alcoholic dreamer and start a family. 

Her daughter, Colleen, finds herself motherless and homeless at 16 after her father has disappeared and Fiana is institutionalized.  Colleen dreams of the perfect family and creating the childhood for her own children that she never had.  Anna Marie grows up, oblivious to the imprint of her mother’s tumultuous childhood on her mother’s life, but also on her own.

Imprint and Inheritance is a story of the unavoidable connection between generations, courageous mothers who do their best with what life gave them, and daughters who try to love them as they are.